Abramar Buceo

Diving School

Abramar escuela de buceo


ABRAMAR BUCEO is the only diving training center in Patagonia that offers the Instructor Training Facility course according to the local and international standards of the main certifying entities (SSI and/or PADI). What’s more! We also provide you with the National Certification of ABRAMAR BUCEO issued by the Argentina Coast Guard (Prefectura Naval Argentina).
Private and group lessons are available.
Recreational diving

One day: Snorkeling, Try Scuba.

Two days: Scuba Diver

Four days: Open Water Diver

One, two or three days: diving specialties such as Rescue, Wrecks, Deep Diving, Scuba Diving, Dry Suit, Nitrox, etc.

Professional Diving

Dive Guide, Dive Master, Dive Control Specialty (Assistant to the Instructor) and Open Water Diver and S&R instructor courses

First aid training for urban centers

and rural areas. We also offer CPR training (12 hours), React Right (30 hours) and WFR (Wilderness First Aids) 80 hours.